You want the best route to Baraboo, you talk to Amelia. She and her horse Lindbergh are the fastest postal carriers this side of the Wisconsin. It’s a river, runs in that direction.

Anyway, she’s the best we got. Got family that way or something but likes it down here. Or maybe she likes life on the road. I hear she was a flight attendant in the Before.

Flight attendant is an outdated job now. We used to have giant metal vehicles that flew in the sky. We would travel the world then. Fresh water was easy to come by. Food was everywhere. We didn’t have to ration or preserve like we do now.

I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Amelia is usually around these parts this time of the week. Check by the stables every day. She stays two nights to replenish supplies and catch up on news. I don’t know if she’s taking on apprentices. You have to be good to keep up with Amelia. I trust that you know what you’re doing, but Amelia will leave you behind if it means safely delivering her mail as sure as the sun rises. Got information to share, she says, families to keep together.

Her weapons? She likes the battle axe, and Lindbergh is good with a kick and a bite. Not sure how she stays sane with the Hoards along the highway, but I know she visits that weird doctor character somewhere around Sauk City. Or was it Prairie due Sac? Something about immunity. She’s an odd one, that Amelia. Effective and badass, but odd.

I suppose that’s life on the road for you. She could probably use a companion. Like I said, you gotta keep up. Ain’t no rest for the post carriers, not in this day of age. You see me if you ever come back. Survive your first run with Amelia and you can get a job anywhere.

Washington? Why would you go there? We got winters that can freeze the Hoards as sure as Mendota freezes over. It’s safer to get a job stuffing Hoards with rocks and throwing them at the bottom of the river than go as far as Washington.

Oh, I see. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.

Well, you do you. If you can, write me when you make it. Amelia is up for trailblazing. She’ll probably take you all the way there if you ask her. That is, if she doesn’t turn on you first. I’m sure you can figure it out. If you’re brave enough to ask for apprenticeship with Amelia, not much you wouldn’t do, right?