Okay, let’s see what we have here.

Does anyone know what this stuff is? Right there on the wall. I am pointing directly at it. No? Anyone? Beuller? Never mind.

Just hang on a minute. This is not a widely used dialect.

I can sort of read it.

Do you want me to translate this or not? Thank you.

Did anyone else feel that? It was like a wind but on the neck. Specifically, on the neck.


Where was this found?

I meant originally.

Look, see this word? This word right here plays a central role in everything. It appears here and here and here. If this text was found in the south, it’s a euphemism for sex. If it’s from the East, it means poop, and frankly that’s what I’m—

What? Oh. Oh, that’s West. Hrm. That word could mean death.

What is this bound in? You don’t know?

Well, it feels kind of like human skin. This is a guess because the walls are bleeding and I’m still feeling something literally breathing on my neck.

Now I feel teeth.

Let’s go.