This week, the students at Quantico have to reconstruct the discovery of prevented attacks. Meanwhile, Alex uses those skills to discover who was behind the NYC bomb in the present to clear her name. Let’s get started.


We start with a cheesy narrated catch-up of events before covering the aftermath of the crash that ended last episode. Everyone is scrambling to find Alex, and she can’t be far because her duffel with identification was found within two blocks.

Cut to the past where Alex is giving Agent Bluth the cold shoulder since her Spill the Secrets Interview. Alex also has a shadow, a former policewoman who wants to one-up Alex at every turn–from gun cleaning to hand-to-hand combat. Meanwhile, the Twins are having trouble keeping their twindom on the down low–and it has everything to do with one twin liking Simon (who seems adamant to pretend to be gay) and the other finding him a distraction.

But wait! There’s more! The twins are actually working for the Assistant Director, the badass black woman running the show. She suspects Agent Bluth is there to check in on her (he’s not, he’s watching Alex), so I suspect the twins are her counter to him. So that explains how the twins are pulling of their stunt. (I knew the name the twins are going by, but I keep forgetting every time I have to write).

The Quantico Class is introduced to the FBI analysts who analyze stuff and tell their agents where more stuff is about to happen. One of these analysts in training is Goldenboy from last episode, who, during his interrogation, saw his subject kill himself because of a super creepy incident involving a teenager, pregnancy, and an abortion gone wrong. Goldenboy seems just fine despite the incident, and it annoys Rich Southern White Girl.

The Analysts in training are present because the Class of Quantico is spending their afternoon looting reconstructed rooms with Important Evidence. To pass, they have to find the location and time of a threat and prevent it. According to their instructor, they are given a haystack and are tasked with finding the needle.

In the present, Alex speaks with the Director to defend herself. The Director reveals that her apartment has a bleeding agent and evidence that points to her as the culprit. Alex says that she will find the person behind the bombing then disappears.

The Director interrogates his assistant director who defends Alex. They have their exchange, where the Director is all “you’ve always seen the good in people and it blinds you for who they are!” and then mentions her son, so there’s something there. Our VD asks if the Director sees an innocent recruit or a terrorist that rejected him. (Director/student romance, ew!)

Back at school, Alex finds a lead through the computer and Bluth and Wannabe think she’s pursuing a dead lead. Goldenboy disrupts another crime scene and when Rich Southern Girl calls him out on it, he points out some evidence she missed. Simon, who is probably not gay at all, talks with Nimeh (THAT’S her name, maybe?) who, being the one that likes him, remembers she’s not supposed to and says something about clothes being flammable, that could be evidence! And walks away. Then Simon is hit on by a gay analyst and totally rejects him. Simon’s discomfort in the dude and confusion at the mention of “us” suggest that being gay is a cover story. Wah wah.

In the present, Wannabe calls the Director and says Alex couldn’t have made a bomb in her apartment and suggests she has a safe house. Alex walks into the cafe/diner across from her apartment and asks to see the footage from a security camera to see who entered her apartment after she left that morning. The owner sends everyone home and looks over Alex’s shoulder as she reviews the footage. It does not take her long to realize Alex is probably the suspected terrorist–especially since an FBI agent was the one who entered Alex’s apartment. Alex catches her and apologizes before the screen goes black.

In the past, the students finish up their evidence analysis and determine what is what. One room is a single mother about to burn down a Planned Parenthood, one is a bombing for a government building, and the third is an assassination attempt on a senator. Only one can be pursued, though, but everyone splits up anyway. Alex is the only one who doesn’t go to a location and instead returns to the warehouse where the rooms are constructed. As she thinks about the three threats, everyone else goes to their assumed location. Everyone fails, except maybe Alex, who is tapping into her intuition.

The Director returns to his office (with the rest of the class apparently) and Alex gives a speech about how the exercise was the Director playing with them. he planted some evidence in each of the three rooms. Both the Director and VD say that everything must be questioned. Evidence can be faked, so you have to look beyond evidence to get to the root of everything.

In the present, Alex proves that she is one step ahead of the FBI. The Director and his goonies track a walkie to a poor innocent delivery dude. Once they realize she’s in the cafe across her apartment, she watches the FBI clear the place and then sneak in. As she inspects the place, Wannabe (who I learn is named Natalie) returns and they start beating each other up. Alex locks herself in the bathroom and realizes there is a trick door behind her bathroom closet. She breaks it down and goes through to an empty apartment with packages addressed to her. She finds a fiber thing on the floor and takes it as Natalie breaks in.

Alex runs to the roof and Natalie pursues. Cue building hoping chase scene. Natalie pulls a gun and seemingly corners Alex, but Alex talks. She asks why she would leave a room full of evidence that points to her and why she would shoot the person they both love (she means Agent Bluth. Ugh, love triangle.). She takes advantage of Natalie’s wavering and handcuffs her to a pole, steals her gun, and runs away.

Back at school, White Rich Girl confronts Goldenboy about him returning as an analyst. Goldenboy says it was the best he could get and he’s actually disappointed by it. Previous Gay Analyst talks to Simon and Simon is clearly uncomfortable with it because the conversation is all about HIM. They are interrupted by Nimeh who invites Simon to coffee. Our Gay Analyst realizes Simon’s glasses are fake. (Everything about this guy is fake! Why???)

Agent Bluth walks to Alex and reveals all the dirty little details about his life that Alex was right about but he didn’t want to admit. And he’s opening up now because he wanted to let her know she was right, just like with the exercise.

Cut to the present, Bluth is out of surgery and going to be fine. The nurse tells him to call people to update them because his phone has been ringing off the hook. He calls back an UNKNOWN and it turns out to be Alex. DUH DUH DUH.

Back at class, VD and the Director have coffee in the VD’s car. I think he’s the director. There are two dudes that look alike (because they’re white and muscly and square-faced) and they are both FBI authorities. VD says she misses being in the field. Apparently she saved a school two years ago.

Booth (I’ve been misspelling his name) wants to get off his Tracking Alex case but the Director says no and holds Booth’s family over him. In the present, Alex talks to Booth and Booth offers to be her guy on the inside, but he’ll have to act like she’s guilty. She agrees and says she’ll track down their class. The Director arrives and Booth starts right away.

In the final scene, the VD speaks with the class about why they want to be an FBI agent. Cut to smaller scenes where Goldenboy starts tailing Simon, the Nimeh twins continue their disagreement about their infatuation with Simon (that is not going to end well), and, in the present, Alex’s name and description are publicly announced through the news. She pulls on a hood and walks away.

Stay tuned next week for episode 3!! (Ah!)


Quantico airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.