I have to ease myself back into this blogging business, so here is a post about cats. This is the internet, and the internet loves cats. This is a post about my last two foster cats: a brother pair named Sparky (white muzzle and paws) and Singe.

Singe (left) and Sparky (right) chilling on my bedroom window sill.

Sparky and Singe belong to a friend of mine. They were temporarily without a home for about two months this past summer and I, being catless at the time, took them in. They were sweethearts.

Notable places of play included the laundry basket and an empty duffel bag.

Sparky and Singe are brothers. I do not remember if they were born in the same litter or not, but they have only known each other since they were kittens. They get their name from a house fire they survived before they were adopted.

Singe perched in his favorite spot. He also enjoyed the cat bed on the window and was the one caught leaping onto the bird cage at night.

My friend fell in love with Singe while looking for a cat to adopt, but since he bonded with Sparky, adopting one meant adopting the other. This is a typical practice in cat adoption, per my experience. Some cats find family in another cat, and it is pretty cruel to separate them.

Sparky was a lap cat and most likely to snuggle against my hip rather than my feet. He was most curious about the kitchen cabinets, where no kitties were allowed, and the second bedroom, where my little brother was staying at the time.

Singe and Sparky will be 8 years old on their next birthday. Both are playful though Sparky is more curious than his brother. Sparky is a lap cat, and Singe likes to perch.

Waking up to these two snuggle-pusses was always endearing.

When giving treats, Sparky is more likely to eat Singe’s share as well as his own, and Singe lets him. Every time, I am disappointed in Singe a little bit, but I guess if he does not really want it then that is his choice.

Sparky and Singe as I feel asleep on their first week with me.