A hearty congratulations to my first foster kitty, Maxwell, who was adopted today. He is adjusting well to his new home and looks dapper in a new collar.



I knew Maxwell would do well in his new home because his new person interacted very well with him. I knew I would be okay with his new person because she wanted to put a bow tie on his collar, something I’ve thought about getting but never did because, well, he was never mine so indulgences like that were out of the question.

He will be very happy in his new home. His new person has a roommate who also loves cats and she will be in town more often than me, which means more cuddles for Maxwell. He will move away from the Fancy Feast and Purina brands I fed him for a more healthy and organic diet.

I am doing fine. I admit that I grew more attached to Maxwell than I intended, but he also stayed about six months longer than intended too. I already have plans to foster more kitties, this time from a friend, so I have that to look forward to. In the meantime, I have cat hair to vacuum from my couch and a bird cage to secure.