Okay kids, here is the deal. I am wrapped up in Busy Grown Up Stuff involving My Future and Potential International Travel so I am going to give my brain a break and do something fairly easy: a blogging challenge. Wherein I write a post of ambiguous length every day for thirty days to entertain you all. We are now in the final stretch!

Today’s Topic: 3 favorite girl names, 3 favorite boy names, 3 favorite pet names

I haven’t the slightest. I think I’ll go with names I would name my hypothetical children and then the best pet names I have come across ever.

Girl names:

  1.  Elizabeth
  2. Autumn
  3. Peyton

Boy names:

  1. Miguel
  2. Jamie
  3. Basil

Pet names:

  1. Mr. Squiggles (cat)
  2. Trygvvi (dog)
  3. Gizmo-sama (cat)

Shout out to my friends and former roommates Sarah and Cory for having the best pet names I have come across. All three pet names are animals in their care.

Now You! What is your favorite name ever?