Okay kids, here is the deal. I am wrapped up in Busy Grown Up Stuff involving My Future and Potential International Travel so I am going to give my brain a break and do something fairly easy: a blogging challenge. Wherein I write a post of ambiguous length every day for thirty days to entertain you all. Won’t this be fun?

Today’s Topic: My Thoughts on Mean Girls

When I was in high school, there was an upperclassman I admired that was obsessed with Mean Girls. Eight years later, I wonder if he went on to further educate himself on feminist theory.

I had to warm up to Mean Girls, I think. It was not something I actively sought out to watch until it became a pop culture icon years after its release. I really like it as a movie, and I actually like Lindsay Lohan as an actress. I mostly appreciate it for the comedy and social commentary. And I really appreciate its appropriation by internet culture–it is always amusing to see Mean Girls quotes in random posts somewhere.

Now You! What do you think of Mean Girls?