Okay kids, here is the deal. I am wrapped up in Busy Grown Up Stuff involving My Future and Potential International Travel so I am going to give my brain a break and do something fairly easy: a blogging challenge. Wherein I write a post of ambiguous length every day for thirty days to entertain you all. Won’t this be fun?

Today’s Topic: My fitness habits

I have only been actively working out for a few months. Before that, my major problem was I could never find a program or a type of exercise that did not fit for me. I don’t like running, and this quote from Parks and Recreation accurately sums up my opinion on running:

My evening schedule is too unpredictable, and I am too tired from work to really do any physical exercise then anyway. If I started exercising, it would have to be something I could do in the morning, something I could do in my own home, and something that did not require expensive equipment.

Enter yoga.

Yoga is the first thing I do in the morning. It combines strength training and, in some cases, a little bit of cardio. Erin from PsycheTruth was a great introduction to yoga. Her videos were for beginners and more advanced yogis alike. When she instructs, she targets which body parts should be focused on for each pose.

I have since discovered Erin Motz, who has a playlist for a 4-week yoga challenge (which I did without missing a day. Bruhaha!) and also links to other yoga communities she is a part of. And from there I found this 14-Day Shred with Sadie Nadine. I will continue to do challenges like these because they give me something to do every morning without my searching for a video every morning. They also challenge me to do routines I would not have otherwise done when half asleep.

A while ago, I found these workouts based on superheroes and other pop culture/action heroes. It has been months since I visited the site–back then, it was called Neila Ray–so the upgrades were a pleasant surprise. Perhaps I will alternate between challenges on those sites and yoga challenges found online.

Now You! What is your preferred exercise?