Okay kids, here is the deal. I am wrapped up in Busy Grown Up Stuff involving My Future and Potential International Travel so I am going to give my brain a break and do something fairly easy: a blogging challenge. Wherein I write a post of ambiguous length every day for thirty days to entertain you all. Won’t this be fun?

Today’s Topic: Favorite Season and Why

I am a total sucker for autumn. Here, have a bullet list detailing why:

  • time of European-centric spirits
  • Halloween
  • the leaves change colors
  • jacket season again!
  • crunchy leaves on pathways
  • weather gets bearable again
  • anticipation for Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • feeling of new beginnings (thanks, school)
  • everything is pretty
  • you gain an hour for Daylight Savings’ Time
  • right after my birthday
  • no one is traveling because school so rates are cheap
  • the one time out of the year where I go out hunting for vestal virgins to use for my blood sacrifices which ensure the fulfillment of my wishes for the coming year
  • did I say that aloud?
  • I mean, cough, I get to dress in costume

Now You! What is your favorite season?