Okay kids, here is the deal. I am wrapped up in Busy Grown Up Stuff involving My Future and Potential International Travel so I am going to give my brain a break and do something fairly easy: a blogging challenge. Wherein I write a post of ambiguous length every day for thirty days to entertain you all. Won’t this be fun?

Today’s Topic: Favorite Television Program

This one is a tough one because I do not have an absolute favorite television program. Certainly there are programs that have been my favorites through the ages, and there are the guilty pleasures and the ones to watch on a lazy day. The advent of Netflix opened up the availability of television to the masses, but that also means everyone developed their own watching habits specific to their lifestyle. The history of television is not what this post is about. How about I just give you a few shows that were formative for me.

Sailor Moon

Let us start with childhood. Sailor Moon was the show that introduced me to anime and probably sparked my interest in feminism (though I thought that word was bad back then). Girls were fighting and winning and all the sailor scouts were unique but never criticized. I related most to Sailor Jupiter because had a tough girl exterior but ultra feminine interior. The dichotomy of two seemingly opposing forces coexisting within the same entity is something that fascinates me to this day. This show started my interest in drawing and fantasy adventure, so super formative it is.


I have issues with this show now (on a social justice level), but I still love it. Growing up, it was the thing the family watched together. My brothers and I quote it all the time. At one point, I could tell which season was being aired based on the scenes in the opening credits. It was my first obsession and probably gave me unrealistic expectations for what a group of friends should be.


More than Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, Firefly was the show that really introduced me to Joss Whedon. There’s an old western vibe and space! and SO MUCH POTENTIAL I get angry every time I finish the single season. I am aware the story continues in a movie and comic books, but nothing can beat the original television show. Curse you, FOX! I have been trying for years (years!!) to get my little brother to watch it, but he does not want to put in the effort for a show that only has one season. Shame on him.

Orange is the New Black

If I were to pick an all-time favorite show, it would have to be this one. It fires on all cylinders for me, from the comedy to the diverse cast to the overtly obvious feminist undertones. I love the ensemble cast, how each woman has a story that is focused on and how Piper’s story moves into the background as the series progresses. Everyone should watch Orange is the New Black. It is not Netflix now. Go. What are you waiting for?

Bonus Guilty Pleasure: Gundam Wing

Because society thinks I should be ashamed of giant robots piloted by teenaged pretty boys who are rebels with a cause against an obviously European aristocracy. I believe the pacing is slightly hindered by the 20-minute episode length, but I love all the female characters. It is almost a 50/50 male/female ratio and all the women are badasses and all the men get the feels and the English dub is actually pretty decent. Someone please revive this.

Now You! What is your all-time favorite television show?