Flight Rising is an online game similar to NeoPets

Flight Rising (www.flightrising.com) is an online game that was described to me as Neopets but with dragons. Having never played Neopets, it appealed to me on a childish level, so as soon as I could I signed up for some dragon-goodness.

The game features eleven clans which you may join upon joining and change during game play. There is the basic Fire, Water, Earth, Air but there is also Shadow, Light, Plague, Arcane, Lightning, and a few others. Every month there is a festival that celebrates one of the eleven clans. The ranking of the clans is determined each week in a game called Dominance which is calculated based on how many dragons each element exalts. Honestly, I do not pay attention to this part of the game. I am more focused on actual dragon breeding.

Upon signing up, you design your own dragon to start your clan. The dragon that becomes the progenitor of your clan does not ultimately matter, that I have noticed. Immediately after starting your clan, you get a random dragon to join your clan to start breeding!

My dragon Shimmer who has spawned many colorful dragons!

Other than dragon breeding, I am not that interested in other facets minus the item-collecting (which I do to acquire treasure, the game’s form of currency) and sometimes I play a game for the fun of it. The game selection is scarce, and I exclusively play the jigsaw puzzle and the bubble shooter. I have tried the others, but they are not very stimulating intellectually. There is a coliseum where you train your dragons to fight and earn status that way. There is also a forum where players can interact with their fellow dragon breeders.

I really like the designs for the dragons and the selection of colors that appear on them. This is why I keep playing–to see which colors and breeds my newly hatched dragons will be.

Be prepared to be patient when playing this game. Dragons take a grace period after breeding before they are able to breed again. This is the most frustrating part of the whole website. If the Breeding Countdown was halved for each type of dragon, I would enjoy the game a lot more (there would only be a two-week waiting period for some species rather than a whole month!).

Cambrie here features the colors I want to breed into my dragons. She also takes almost 25 days until she can breed again!

Additionally, the user interface could be improved. One of the reasons I have not explored the full range of gaming potential for this site is because I do not know where to go to do so! I am aware it exists, but I do not have the convenient means to get from Point A (usually my nest of dragons) to Point B (wherever that might be). Right now, I use the site as a way to breed my own cluster of dragons. If there is anything else to do with the site, like a way to synthesize items into materials for example, the user does not know what.

I have only recommended this game to one other person, that is only because I wanted someone else to trade dragons with.

Overall, I give this game an average rating. It is not great, but if you know of another dragon game that allows this much freedom with the dragon’s appearance (and perhaps a better study of Mendel genetics) without the wait time and a better UI, please direct it toward me.

Rating: 3/5 days until your dragon can breed again