I started a few shows this week, but before I finish them, allow me to give you my initial impressions for the sake of content.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt premiered March 6, 2014 on Netflix.

I watched the first four episodes and the entire time I felt “meh.” The characters besides Kimmy did not have the depth of character to break free of their stereotypes. Titus feels like the writers threw together a bunch of Making-It-In-New-York roommate archetypes in the hopes that would make him a rounded character, but it falls flat. I hope the best for Jacqueline, Kimmy’s boss, because her life is such a crap shoot and her character shows the most potential for development. I do not understand what her step daughter hopes to do with Kimmy’s background. The two best parts of this show are Kimmy’s undying optimism and the opening theme song.

Overall, I intend to finish this show if only because the entirety of pop culture seems to be talking about it. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt can be found on Netflix.


Aldnoah.Zero is produced by A-1 Picture and TROYCA. The first episode aired July 5, 2014.

This show fires on all cylinders for me. First, there is mecha, and while it does have a faint “big boss of the week” feel, this is overshadowed by the good writing. Secondly, the main and secondary characters have separate motivations that often pits them against each other, regardless of whether they fight the same enemy or not. Thirdly, the main character, a high school student named Inaho Kaizuka, is special because of his brain, specifically his tactical genius. Lastly, the series does not pull punches when it comes to PTSD and killing characters. My one beef would be the show’s use of deus ex machina, often used at the end of episodes.

Overall, this is one I will finish in about a week. The final episode airs March 28th. Aldnoah.Zero can be found on Crunchyroll.