Or, more accurately, how I play the Waiting Game; you know the game (I lost the game, btw). The Waiting Game is what you play when you finish the second book in a series and the third is not released until a year later (like what happened to me and Red Glove by Holly Black). You play it when the latest movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe teases the next installment after the credits and you have to wait another six months before you get a second teaser in another movie. It is that game you play between seasons of Orange is the New Black. You even play it on a weekly basis for the next anticipated episode of NPR’s Ask Me Another.

What? All me?

I have a simple solution to The Waiting Game: explore more media. Impatient for the final installment of The Hunger Games movies? Try reading similar books released shortly after the books’ success. Marie Lu’s Legend and Veronica Roth’s Divergent are two examples that come to mind.. Itchy for the new Avengers movie? The Invincible Iron Man written by Matt Faction and Salvador Larroca is a recommended introduction to the Marvel universe in the comic books.

Right now, in this week, I am between seasons of Downton Abbey. Mom lent me the first season a few months back and I finally watched it all in one sitting last Sunday. I cannot continue the second season until this weekend when I visit my parents, so I find comfort in the Korean drama Coffee Prince.

I recommend making a list of activities you want to do the next time you are impatient for the next installment of something. Here is my list for an example. The point is to keep busy in the Time Between so nothing is off the table.

  • Hunt, purchase, and read most short fiction released in the last 2-3 years by the following authors: Ken Liu, Kat Howard, Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Read The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer from the very beginning
  • Knock off a few shows from my to-watch lists on both Crunchyroll and Netflix
  • Systematically watch every movie in my personal library in order from A-Z (not including television shows)
  • Start an RPG, either Final Fantasy IXTales of Symphonia, or Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Re-watch Fafner of the Azure

What are some things on your list for the Waiting Game? Let people know in the comments below!