I want to be a journalist.

I do not want to be an investigative journalist because I am actually terrified of breaking rules and going to jail. Now that I am an adult, the authority figure in my life is the US Government and those guys have power that could destroy me. No, I do not want to be an investigative journalist.

I do not want to be a nightly news anchor kind of journalist either. There are some days where I get so tired I want to punch someone and I do not want that person to be a makeup artist or a cameraman. Local news makes me feel unsafe too, and I cannot live in that constant state of panic. I do not want to be a nightly anchor.

I could maybe host a morning talk show host. I would model it after The Ellen DeGeneres Show and pull fun pranks on my guests and work with a team of writers to write a monologue that mocks the current state of the world. As a morning show, my demographic will be suburban housewives and the unemployed, so my content will be subversive in subtle ways. I can maybe do this for a couple years before moving on to start my own media empire a la Oprah Winfrey except with less influence. I will entertain this.

What I really want is to get paid to write about the pop culture I care about: anime and science fiction films and Young Adult novels and independent comic books. My favorite podcast is NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour and I would love to work with any of the people that appear on that show. I would love to appear on that show period.  I really want to work for NPR.

That is my ultimate career goal. This is why this blog exists.